Addiction Recovery
from the inside out

Take the next step to
feel better and do better

Living Beyond Recovery is a program designed for people who have struggled with an addiction and have taken the necessary steps toward more healthy choices and productive activities.
Living Beyond Recovery recognizes that while the behavior has stopped, the desire may not have.
Living Beyond Recovery is a path toward true freedom. It is a path where lifestyle meets at the crossroads of intention and understanding.

Recovery is more than talk

Individualized + virtual coaching designed to meet your specific goals

The Living Beyond Recovery Lifestyle frames a worldview that refocuses your addictive tendency toward a healthy and balanced path. To recreate yourself, and to help others as they walk beside you.
So no matter what your poison is; drugs, alcohol, food, sex, gambling, toxic relationships, and all the isms.
Living Beyond Recovery will provide a clear road to follow.

Your Home

Everyone lives somewhere. Your home is the center point of your life. It is where you lay your head at night and where you make plans for the future.
We coach you through making a thoughtful examination of your home.
Inside and out to make sure that it is a healthy home for you.

Your Body

Your body is just like your home. Everyone needs one and it needs to accommodate your activities, your schedule, and your future.
We coach you through making a fearless inventory of your physical body, your mental and emotional condition, and your nutritional wellness.
A healthy body, a healthy mind.

Your Tribe

Looking for a good time? Join our tribe and engage with people just like you. On the path, moving forward to the life that you have always dreamed about.
Together with members who share, help, and discover together what recovery is like when done from the inside out.
Life is better when done together.

“The family at Living Beyond Recovery is such a great group of folks. It’s a pleasure doing life together!”